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Iron Brackets

Dedicated to the Art of Iron Bracketry

Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

Here at English Brackets, we have created a splendid selection of hand made Iron brackets.

These authentic designs are all hand cast in solid iron.

Our cast Iron bracket range features many different designs and sizes, all of which are suitable to be left as natural iron, finished in our renowned black satin finish, or they can be painted in any colour, using a recommended metal based paint. Strong and sturdy, they have many different uses, for shelving, bathroom sinks and cisterns and also as decorative conservatory or roof supports. 

They are easy to install and are supplied with fixings.

The Facts:

  • Each bracket is manufactured from 100%  Solid Cast Iron.
  • We use age old tools, patterns and techniques, to ensure each bracket is brought to life with stunning attention to detail
  • Our brackets are suitable for use with shelves, cisterns, sinks and also to decorate roof supports and frames.
  • Each bracket is supplied in a traditional cast iron finish with a polished lacquer applied to the surface.
  • Maintenance is minimal and we recommend avoiding the use of cleaning chemicals and polishes.

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2 Item(s)

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The English Brackets Production Process

Iron one of the oldest and most traditional metals still used in the construction of ornate bracketry. The process fundamentally involves the heating of iron ore in a blast furnace which deoxidises the ore and creates molten iron which is free of impurities. We then take our molten iron and we poor it into one of our highly detailed moulds or patterns. The method we use to create each bracket is sand casting, which uses a mould which is packed with a special sand mix. The mix is shaped into a compacted cavity which forms the brackets shape; once this is ready the molten iron is poured in.

Once the iron has cooled we separate the raw cast bracket from the mould which then goes through a fettling process to enhance the edges and detail. To further ensure each bracket is perfect each one is sand blasted and ready for final finishing.

Our Finishing Process

After production it is necessary to finish the fettled casting ready for use, there are several different methods of doing this, but it is important that the raw casting is not left untreated as the surface will be susceptible to rusting. The method we use for final finishing is to apply a special lacquer which protects the cast iron surface but still allows for the original finish and patina of the iron to be appreciated. Painting is also a treatment method, but it often results in changes of colouration and loss of detail.

Understanding Cast Iron

Once cast, iron is often a brittle metal and it cannot be hammered or bent in to a different shape. If dropped onto a hard surface it is likely to break. However it is also very strong and has excellent load bearing properties and also offers incomparable durability.

Fitting Basics

If fitting to plaster board wall, each bracket should be directly fitted to the wall stud as opposed to the plaster board, ideally a support should be in place every 12 inches or more if necessary. A qualified tradesperson should always be consulted if you are unsure or supporting heavy shelf loads.